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To understand industrial risks and threats we need to connect Cyber with the Physical world. Learn how Omny will make you and your Security and Operations teams take faster, more targeted and effective decisions with the world’s most comprehensive industrial security graph. 

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Please take a moment to let us know who you are and what you would like to learn. We usually reach out with in 48 hours. If you are interested to meet us at an event, do let us know which one and we will quickly schedule a time that works for you! 
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See Omny Risk in action

  • Take the helm of NorthSea Corporation as their CISO to learn how to effectively monitor risk posture across the company’s industrial sites with always up-to-date information and insights
  • Investigate how changes in the threat landscape impact your risk exposure and what’s the expected financial loss due to cyber attacks
  • Verify the effectiveness of your security controls against existing and emerging threats
  • Forecast potential future losses in terms of value, and allocate resources where required
  • Get recommendations for most effective controls based on your particular cyber-physical infrastructure
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